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About Kothari Metsol Pvt. Ltd....

• Backed by years of experience – since 1967.

• Vast advanced technical knowledge – Original German Technical Assistance, now self reliant.

• Sophisticated machinery & equipments – German ‘Collins’ make mechanically automated Solder lines & ‘ Italian CONTINUUS PROPERZI’ i.e. a Continuous Casting and Rolling Line (CCR) for zinc wire manufacturing .

• Manufacturing Soft Solders, Antimonial Solders, and Silver Solders in the form of Solid, Fluxcore Solder Wires and Machine Extruded / Casted Solder Sticks including those for Aluminium Soldering and Soldering Fluxes for the last 52 years.

• No-clean and Lead free (RoHS compliant) solder wires add a new chapter to soldering technology in our Manufacturing

• In order to overcome soldering problem of power capacitor filled with oil, we have developed Fluxcore solder wire filled with our special capacitor / urea based flux which does not contaminate the capacitor oil.

• Our product portfolio also includes High Purity Aluminium Wire, developed exclusively for Vacuum and TSA (Spray Metalizing) purposes. Manufactured from High Purity and Virgin Quality Aluminum Ingots.

• 'KHOSLA SOLDERS INDIA' High Purity Aluminum Wire stands out because of its superb Atmospheric, Chemical and Temperature Corrosion Resistance properties.

• Pioneering in packing of Zinc Wires up to 500 Kg of single length in drums.

• Every new DI Pipe plant coming up India is starting with our wire and continuing consuming our products only. This speaks about our Quality & Reliability.


Kothari Metsol Pvt. Ltd. is a family-owned enterprise. It is founded and managed by the Kotharis - one of Pune’s leading business families.

The family also has a charitable outlook; the Kotharis firmly believe in giving back to society. They actively work for the social cause, taking up initiatives aimed at providing help to the needy. Well-known among the Jain community in India, the Kothari family also participates in cultural and spiritual events.

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