Our History

Over the last 52 years, Kothari Metsol Pvt. Ltd. has grown into the one of the largest vertically integrated solder wire manufacturer in the country and the largest producer of zinc spray wire in India.As we look back on our journey filled with challenges and achievements, we feel a sense of exhilaration. It is a feeling that spurs us on to do more.

Kholsa Engineering Pvt. Ltd. to Kothari Metsol Pvt. Ltd.

Reached 1000 MT/ Month Zinc Wire manufacturing & sale to become Largest in Asia.

Largest exporter of Zinc wire from India.

Exporting to all the continents across the globe, covering more than 32 countries.

Developed Zinc/ Aluminium Alloy Wire to become first in India to have in Product Basket.

Developed Lead Antimony wires for Defense industry.

Added Lead Cames in Our product basket with many sizes and sections.

For Zinc Wires, Our infrastructure- Evolved from a conventional Zinc Wire plant, has acquired the distinction of being the first and only zinc wire manufacturer in Asia to have ‘CONTINUUS PROPERZI’ i.e. a Continuous Casting and Rolling Line. Our zinc wire manufacturing plant is equipped with 1200 MT/ Month Production

Special grade solder sticks developed for the Electronic industry along with special solder wire and solder flux

Our New Greenfield plant at Alandi Pune, India spread over 90000 sq ft Land with 45000 sq ft Building and State of the Art Plant with the expansion in its production capacity to line of 1200 MT/month and solder with 300 MT/month is committed to serve You

Successfully designed and developed Anodes of 5-meter length for Saudi Arab

Successfully developed and produced 99.99 % High Purity Aluminium Metallization wire.

Developed No Clean Flux core wire in Tin/Lead and Lead free Flux Core wire exclusively for electronic assemblers.

Emerged as largest manufacturer of zinc wire with 350 MT / Month Production and sale.

Successfully earned “ Sustainable Supplier “ certificate by SGS.

Augmented the capacity of our Zinc Spray Metallization Wire plant in line of 350MT/month

Started producing 400 kg continuous length in Zinc wire

EPCOS INDIA PVT LTD., A Group company of TDK – EPC Corporation Certified KHOSLA as a GREEN CHANNEL PARTNER

Developed Extruded Tin Anodes in different shapes: Example – Square, Round, Rectangular, Dumbbell Shape,etc

Successfully started running Zinc Spray Metallization wire plant in line of 150 MT and solder at 50 MT

Successfully started producing Lead-free Flux core Solder Wire to meet EU RoHS requirements.

First to start export of Zinc wires from India.

Setup a new facility in Chinchwad for manufacturing of Zinc Spray Metallization Wire to substitute imports of Zinc wire in India.

Current Management, Kothari Family acquired the company.

Inception of KHOSLA SOLDERS INDIA Engineering Plant at CHINCHWAD

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