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Zinc Aluminium Wire

KHOSLA 95/5 (Zn/Al) spray wire used for arc and flame spraying and are well-known for its excellent machinability and stable quality. KHOSLA 95/5 Zn/Al wire are manufactured from virgin special high grade zinc and aluminum ingots by the process which ensures that the material meets requirement of the specification. The manufactured wire should have a smooth finish, free from defects that may affect the feeding of the wire to the spray gun.



Ductile Iron Pipe

Steel structure

Renewable energy



  • Zinc (95% ± 1%.)
  • Aluminum (5% ± 1%)
  • Other Impurities (0.05% max)
  • Ǿ 3.175 MM ± 0.07 MM
  • Ǿ 2.00 MM ± 0.05 MM
  • Packing
  • 25-30 kg coil.
  • 100-300 kg, paper fiber drum.

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